Outdoor Activities

Slather on the sunscreen and scoot the kids outside for a day of fun. Whether they love to play games like kickball or hopscotch or prefer nature activities like planting flowers or watching birds, we have plenty of ways to get your child off the sofa and in the great outdoors.

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13 Fun Ways for Kids to Spend More Time Outside

From planning a road trip around "rockhounding" opportunities to building your own outdoor play area, these fun family activities are guaranteed to spark your child's interest in nature.
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How to Build a Snow Castle with Your Kids

If your family loves making summer sandcastles, bring the fun to the winter months by creating a snow castle that even Snow Queen Elsa will envy.
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How to Help Your Kid Become a Stronger Swimmer

Cathy Bennett, Michael Phelps’s first swimming instructor, shares her advice for helping your future Olympic swimmer feel safe and confident in the water.
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