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Looking for the right kid toy? Learn what toys kids love most, which have the greatest educational value, why some get tossed aside after a few minutes of play, and how to use toys to foster intelligence and creativity.

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Meet Joss: American Girl's 2020 Doll of the Year

American Girl partnered with several experts to introduce the Girl of the Year 2020, the first of the collection to wear a hearing aid.
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Frozen 2 Toys Hit Shelves This Week and We're Desperately Trying to Guess Spoilers

The Frozen 2 movie release is still over a month away, but all-new Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff toys are available to buy Friday. Could a few of these costumes and songs be hinting at what's to come??
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Parents' 50 Best Toys of 2019

Baby shark toys? Check. Paw Patrol toys? Check. Dinosaur, car, and even sloth toys? Check, check, and check. These are the best baby, toddler, preschool (and beyond) toys of 2019, according to kids.
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5 Tips for Choosing Electronic Toys for Kids That Are Educational, Too

Toy aisles are overwhelming, to say the least, so a little guidance is helpful when picking ones that are both high-tech and educational for your kids. Experts weigh in with practical tips for finding a fun, age-appropriate toy that actually enhances your kid's learning experience.
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