Maximizing Your Fertility

Boost your fertility to increase your chances of having a baby. Check out our fertility calculator to determine when you're ovulating. Also, visit our related Ovulation section to learn even more about fertility and gain a better understanding of which days of the month are your most fertile. Finally, don't forget to take our quizzes, and grab some cool apps!

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You Can Now Monitor Your Frozen Eggs from Your Phone

Columbia University Fertility Center just developed a 'PreBaby Monitor' for parents-to-be to keep an eye on their frozen eggs and embryos. Could that ease their mind?
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What Is Embryo Freezing Really Like?

Freezing an embryo, or a fertilized egg, lets you have children later in life. Here’s what you need to know about the process.
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What Is Freezing Your Eggs Really Like?

By freezing your eggs, you can increase your chances of conceiving years down the road. Here's everything you need to know about the process.
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Countdown to Pregnancy: Your Ultimate Five-Year Fertility Plan

Planning to have a baby within the next five years? Here’s what you should do to promote fertility and increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy. 
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Over-the-Counter Fertility Pills Gain Popularity

成人小视频appPregPrep is a two-step fertility system that's taking TTC market by storm and selling out after being featured in places like Good Morning America. But does it work?