Children with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be impulsive and have short attention spans. Learn the symptoms and treatments for children with ADD and ADHD.

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When It's Not Just Anxiety or Depression: The Surprising Prevalence of ADHD in Moms

Girls are less likely than boys to be diagnosed with ADHD, and their symptoms don’t go away in adulthood. The result? Many women unknowingly live with a condition that affects every aspect of their life, including parenthood.
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5 Health Problems Commonly Mistaken for Depression

If you are being treated for depression but still aren’t feeling like yourself, you might have one of these often-misdiagnosed illnesses. 
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Why the Key to Treating ADHD Goes Beyond Medication

Most kids who’ve been diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder aren’t getting the right mix of medication and behavioral management that can make all the difference.
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Parents: Do You Have ADHD?

ADHD has a strong genetic component, so your child may not be the only one in the family with the diagnosis. Here are some common symptoms of ADHD in adults.
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Understanding My Child's Learning and Attention Issue: My A-Ha Moment

The second a teacher said the words attention deficit disorder成人小视频app I felt the monumental puzzle pieces of life falling into perfect place. Suddenly all of the things my son had struggled with made sense.