Kid Cough

How serious is your kid's cough? Learn how to identify the symptoms of chronic coughs, whooping cough, and more so you can provide the best treatment.

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Croup Symptoms and Treatment

Inflammation of the vocal cords and windpipe are just two croup cough symptoms. Find out the cause—and best treatment—for this common respiratory illness. 
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Bronchiolitis Symptoms and Treatment

Bronchiolitis is caused when a virus infects small tubes in the lungs. Learn how to spot the symptoms of bronchiolitis, which are similar to those of common colds, to prevent and treat it.
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Toddler Cough: Causes, Treatment, and When to Worry

Don't assume your toddler's or kid’s cough is nothing more than a cold. Here are the common causes of toddler coughs, the best treatment options, and when you should worry.
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7 Causes of Chronic Cough in Children

Could it be from a cold, asthma, or something else altogether? Our experts help you figure out potential causes of a persistent cough in children.
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Can Agave Nectar Ease a Cough?

One pediatric study of natural remedies for Baby's cough looked at how agave nectar compared to honey and a placebo.
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