Vaccines are essential to keeping your child healthy from flu, chicken pox, and other harmful diseases. Learn everything you need to know about vaccines and vaccine schedules.

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5 Facts You Need to Know About 'Alternative Vaccine Schedules'

Pediatricians across the country agree that delaying or eliminating any vaccinations is a definite no-no. So why are some parents going rogue when it comes to scheduling their child’s vaccines? Here are the facts.
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'I'm a Doctor and a Parent': Here's How Vaccines Work

Our panel of AAP pediatricians understands your concerns about vaccines. They’re parents, too. But here's what they really wish people knew about vaccines.
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Vaccine Injuries Are Rare, Just Look at the Numbers

A federal vaccine compensation program was founded to compensate people who were injured by vaccines. Numbers prove these injuries don’t happen often.
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What a Measles Outbreak Means for Kids Who Can't Get Vaccinated

My daughter can't be vaccinated because she's still too weak from her chemotherapy cancer treatment. Children like her rely on herd immunity for protection. Here's how society is letting my family down when they do not vaccinate their children, and why a measles outbreak in my community is absolutely terrifying.
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Here’s Why Childhood Vaccines Aren’t Really Dangerous

Many parents worry about the perceived dangers of vaccines, but they often just misunderstand the facts. We’ve broken down common concerns about childhood vaccinations so you can rest easier before pediatrician appointments.
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