Make this Halloween one to remember with ideas for costumes, snacks, pumpkin patterns, and more. Whether you prefer your kids spooky or sweet, you'll find fun, fresh ideas to inspire your Halloween party this year.

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A Parent's Guide to Questionable Halloween Decor

While making your yard the neighborhood favorite for trick or treaters, here's how to make sure it's friendly for all families to enter the fun.
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How Old Is Too Old to Trick-or-Treat?

Trick-or-treat age limit laws aren't just Halloween hoopla. Depending on where you live, it may be illegal to let your teen take part in the fun. Here's what to know, plus advice on when your kiddo is old enough to trick-or-treat alone.
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A Parents Guide to Navigating Questionable Halloween Costumes

Understanding the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation is key when selecting Halloween costumes for kids and adults of all ages.
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6 Latin-Inspired Halloween Costumes for Kids

Parents Latina editors channeled some of their favorite celebs and characters with these fashionable costumes for their latino kiddos that are as simple to put together as they are fun. Feliz trick-or-treating!
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14 Newborn Costume Ideas for Your Baby's First Halloween

From pea pods to pink dragons to pumpkins, any of these super-cute Halloween costumes for newborns will make your little one’s first spooky holiday extra memorable.
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