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Tips to Steal from a Homeschool Mom While School’s Closed for Coronavirus

I've homeschooled all three of my kids by choice for four years. Here is my advice on how to help your kids learn from home as their schools are shut down because of coronavirus.
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5 Free Online Learning Programs for Kids to Do at Home

You don't need to create teacher-level lesson plans to make sure kids keep on learning at home. Here are a few free resources to take advantage of while creating a plan for keeping little ones learning outside of the classroom.
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I Was an Overachiever, So My Daughter's School Struggles Are Hitting Me Hard

If you were a straight-A student as a kid, it can be hard to deal with the fact that your child isn't. But I've learned it’s important to step back and let your kid feel supported regardless.   
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Can Schools Stop Attendance-Shaming Parents?

In my first year parenting school-aged kids, I'm feeling pressured to guarantee their "perfect" attendance. But schools aren't doing right by students with attendance-shaming messaging to their parents.
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30 Journal Prompts for Kids to Aid Self-Discovery

Journaling is a great way for kids to practice their literary skills and explore their emotions. Whether you like the idea of creating a gratitude journal or simply using a journal to inspire creativity, these fun prompts are an easy way to get started.