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How can you raise a responsible kid? Here's what you need to know about family values, volunteering, money and time management, and more.

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Why These Teens Are Fighting to Learn Multicultural History in School

Two teen sisters are fighting to make Black and Indigenous history a part of American history in school. They are holding school districts accountable for equitable and just public education. Here’s why it matters.

The Tulsa Race Massacre Isn't Taught in Many Schools, But it Should Be

Classroom lessons mention abolishing slavery in 1865, but to understand the lasting impact of slavery and the systemic racism still facing Black Americans, stories of horrific moments in our nation's history like this one need to be told. Here's how to do it.

5 Anti-Racist Role Models Your Kid Should Know

Now more than ever, our kids are in need of examples to follow in the fight to combat racism. Here are anti-racist activists from the past and present worth teaching them.

How to Explain White Privilege in Terms Simple Enough for a Child

The term white privilege is often misunderstood. But experts explain why it's important to teach your children what it means and how to do that based on their age.

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These Powerful Murals By Black Immigrant Artists Show the True Reason Families Belong Together

The art, which was unveiled this week in three cities across the U.S., is the result of a partnership between Black immigrant artists and Families Belong Together, which works to permanently end family separation and detention.

The Dos and Don’ts of Talking About Race with Kids

In the midst of protests over racial injustice, it's important for white parents to talk about race with their kids. Experts explain how to get the conversation started and why it's necessary.

Millions Sign Petition for New Investigation into Death of Colorado Man Restrained by Police in 2019

成人小视频appElijah McClain was walking home from the store on August 24, 2019, when Aurora police confronted him.