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Keep your kids safe with these great tips for childproofing your home, preparing your kid for weather emergencies, and more. Plus: Why the internet can be a dangerous place for your kid.

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The Story Behind National Gun Violence Awareness Day is About Saving Black Lives

Our daughter was only 15 years old when she was shot and killed while at the park with her friends in Chicago. In her honor, we launched National Gun Violence Awareness Day where we wear orange to help stop gun violence.
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These Are the Safest Phones for Kids, According to Experts

From the best phones for young kids to the best prepaid phones for teens, here are the safest options to buy for your child when they're ready for their very own device.
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Is TikTok Safe for Kids?

Gen Z can't get enough of TikTok. But if you're worried about what exactly your kids are getting, you're not alone. From inappropriate content to user data security,  here's what you need to know, plus three safety measures to take ASAP.
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Dry Drowning Symptoms: Know the Warning Signs

It's terrifying that a child can seem fine after getting out of the water, but start to have trouble breathing an hour—or even 24 hours—later. But you'll worry a lot less once you know the signs of submersion injuries and how to prevent dry drowning.
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Parents Abuse Kid Athletes Just As Much as Coaches and It Needs to Stop

As a mom of an athlete, news that professional runner Mary Cain was emotionally and physically abused by famous coach Alberto Salazar didn’t surprise me. What shocks me though is that we continue to encourage this type of “coaching” even from parents.