If you're not sure which swag you need to have, this Reddit mom's list is a must-read.

By Maressa Brown
January 16, 2020
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成人小视频appRegistering for baby gear might have plenty of expectant parents feeling prepared for what's to come, but chances are you won't fully know what works best until you're actually using it—or not using it. But you might be able to gain a bit of insight from more seasoned parents.

In an effort to inform and support other brand new parents, a mom on Reddit, writing under the handle "molequeen," recently shared the items she and her partner have loved, liked, and hated the most for their 6-week-old. Her post, entitled is getting lots of love from parents on the Baby Bumps subreddit.

Baby Gear She Loves

: The OP says she is particularly into the Cloud Island ones from Target. "They have mitten cuffs, an inverted zipper, and they're in a 3-pack for $12.99," the OP wrote.

: "Now that baby isn't literally brand new, we really like this for baths," she wrote. "Easy to clean, hook to store, nowhere for mold to hide."

Diaper cart: "Seems Pinterest-y, but having all the changing supplies in one spot is convenient."

: "You know, the ones that come with every diaper bag/caddy/etc.," Redditor molequeen explained. "We use them for changing diapers and also did sponge baths on them with a basin the first few weeks. We have like half a dozen that came with other products so we keep one literally everywhere."

: She uses the Skip Hop one and says, "arms-free is essential."

: "Great for walks, bulky for around the house," the OP says. "Walks are fun though, and this is pretty cheap for a carrier."

She also lists a variety of other loves, including the ("really lightweight and portable, has a mesh dome in case you have nosey cats ... fairly affordable"), the , a cheap glider, , the , , burp cloths ("we use like 1,000 a day between actual spit-up, wrapping up baby, laying one on the floor, wiping stray pee/poop"), the , and a rubber duck "with a digital temperature readout from Amazon 'cause who can tell what 100-degree water feels like????"

Baby Gear She Likes

:成人小视频app "Pretty simple and small on the counter."

: "Sort of a pain to take down and set up, but it is nice to have and will probably get used more later."

:成人小视频app "The car seat is nice, but I prefer the Breaze stroller, as I'm small and weak and don't drive an SUV and am worried about position[al] asphyxia in the car seat."

成人小视频appThe OP is also in favor of getting a bouncy seat and swing, , and ("it's okay, but can't get a reading if Baby is moving").

Baby Gear She Dislikes

:成人小视频app "Too big for the sink, sort of hard to position baby in. Super cute but not that useful."

:成人小视频app "I'm too dumb for this," the OP joked.

: "You can't leave it running all the time or the wipes dry out, but it takes 10 minutes to warm! I don't always have 10 minutes to chill before a diaper change, so no thanks, man."

:成人小视频app "Weird angle for holding and not right for feeding... just never quite works."

成人小视频appShe also isn't a fan of car seat covers ("too complicated or made me anxious"), swaddle pods, anti-colic bottles ("not convinced they do anything"), or clothes that aren't zippered sleep 'n plays. "I know there are snap apologists on here, but legit just throw everything without a zipper directly into the trash," the OP wrote.

Baby Gear She Hasn't Used

成人小视频appThe OP shared that she hasn't used the , other baby bathtubs ("how many of these do you need?"), socks ("not an issue when all your clothes have feet built in!"), or stuffed animals ("why so many???").

成人小视频appShe also went on to note that "the entire nursery" has gone without much use, ranting, "If you plan to room-share, it just sort of sits there like a shrine to what you thought having a baby would be like, but everything you actually need just ends up in your room anyways, and the nursery becomes evidence of your shopping addiction, but the baby will be in there someday, and someday, I won't have time for cute nursery decorating, because the actual baby is here so I'm glad I did it early, thank you very much."

Other parents couldn't agree more. One Redditor wrote, "OMG, the nursery shrine cracked me up... it's SO TRUE! We haven't used ours at all, yet." Another exclaimed, "This is great! Can I rewind one year now?"

While the OP's product reviews might not resonate with every new parent out there, and they are completely her personal opinion, they're clearly entertaining.



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