If you've decided that it's time to part ways with your spouse, there are many things to consider: Your kids, your finances, the division of material possessions, and more. We've tapped the pros for helpful advice to cope with separation or divorce.

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6 Things to Consider When You Get Engaged After Kids

Getting engaged when you or your partner (or both) have kids can make the union a little more complicated. I know, I've been there. But don't worry, you can navigate it when knowing what to plan for.
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My Painful Divorce Only Made Me Want to Get Remarried Even More

After my troubling divorce, I had to adjust to life as a single mother to a 2-year-old daughter. It wasn't easy. But in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to find love again and, once I did, I took the leap into a second marriage. After someone questioned why I would do it again, I felt stronger in my resolve.
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How I Navigate Long-Distance Parenting

My three children live halfway across the country with their mom, but I found a few ways to make the situation a little more bearable.
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Being the Photographer at My Ex-Husband's Wedding Was the Best Co-Parenting Decision I've Ever Made

Seeing everyone stare, wasn’t easy. And neither was hearing the officiant introduce the new Mr. And Mrs. Shawn Gipford. But my son’s reaction at the end of the night made me realize I made the best co-parenting decision to photograph my ex's special day. 
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How to Navigate Parenting Decisions as a Stepparent With Little Input

It can be frustrating when you’re left out of decisions pertaining to parenting your stepkids. From one stepmom to another, here’s my advice on how to have your voice heard.
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8 Best Co-Parenting Apps to Download After Divorce

We can't wave a magic wand and make your shared parenting situation completely stress-free, but we can recommend these co-parenting apps that streamline family calendars, schedules, and communication.
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5 Things Co-Parenting Families Can Do to Make Back-to-School Season Easier

成人小视频appIt's important for co-parenting families to streamline communication and establish the kids' schedule ahead of a busy school year. Family law experts share practical tips to help parents start the school year on the same page.