Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy complications range in nature and severity. Fortunately, with proper treatment and advice, most can be managed. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of pregnancy complications, including what causes the problem, how it's treated, and what the consequences are for you and your baby.

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We Need to Talk About the Financial Toll of Miscarriage

Pregnancy loss is an emotional, all too often silent issue—but it can also be a pricey one. Those who have been through it discuss the true costs while experts reveal ways to work around them.
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What Is Moxibustion and Can It Help Turn a Breech Baby?

The traditional Chinese practice of moxibustion is one of the world's oldest techniques for turning a breech baby—and OB-GYNs still prescribe it today. Here's why, when, and how this alternative therapy is done.
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ECV When Baby Is Breech: Understanding External Cephalic Version

Is your baby breech? Here's what you need to know about external cephalic version (EVC), the procedure doctors use to turn a breech baby after 36 weeks of pregnancy.
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What It's Really Like to Have a Miscarriage

Before it happened to me, I had no idea what having a miscarriage would be like. Here's what I've learned since about miscarriages, including when they happen, what they feel like, and how long they last.
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Am I Having a Miscarriage?

Pregnancy can be a joyous—and scary—experience. Here's what you need to know about miscarriage and exactly what to do if you suspect you might be miscarrying.