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Get recipes, tips and general know-how for making baby food at home.

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A Parents Guide to What Babies Can Eat Each Month

Confused about what's safe for your baby right now? From meat to strawberries, honey to Cheerios, here's the 411 on a dozen different foods that parents ask about most.
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7 Best Store-Bought Baby Foods, According to Experts

There are plenty of wholesome food options for infants that you can buy at the store and serve in seconds—no prep required. Here are the baby food brands experts recommend, and why.
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14 Baby Puree Recipes to Make at Home

Did you know parents can skip the supermarket and make easy, healthy baby food purees at home? These recipes let you know exactly what you're putting in Baby's body—and they save you money to boot!
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How to Make Baby Food in Your Instant Pot

Making meals for your infant in an Instant Pot is convenient, affordable, and best of all, almost completely hands-off. Get started with these easy baby food recipes from our very own food editor.
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Introducing Baby Food? Here are 20 Things to Feed Your Infant

There are very few hard-and-fast rules about introducing baby food. Experts simply recommend giving your infant one new food every three days, watching closely for signs of allergic reaction, and avoiding choking hazards. If you’re confused about what, exactly, to feed your little one, check out these 20 healthy and safe options.
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Yummy Ways to Serve Orange Vegetables to Babies

What's nutritious and delicious? Orange vegetables! We've got your foolproof guide to plating them up.