Making sure kids -- and adults -- eat nutritious meals has never been more important. Here are some easy ways to sneak in good foods, vitamins, and fiber without them knowing the difference.

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Is Grass-Fed Milk Actually Healthier?

Grass-fed milk is a rapidly growing category with a fresh-from-the-farm name that sounds worthy of superfood status. But is it, really?
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How Junk Food Could Help Your Picky Eater

We’re often so focused on getting our kids to eat vegetables that we forget it’s perfectly normal to go for dishes that taste good. Here’s why you should stress less about the fries and pizza and accept that happy meals can be healthy.
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What to Say to a Picky Eater

If you haven't had any luck convincing your child to try new foods, you may be doing it wrong. Here's what you should be saying to your picky eater to get them to eat.
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8 Signs Your Child Is Eating Too Much Salt

Eating too much salt-containing foods, even at a young age can have long-lasting effects. Here are some signs your child's getting too much at mealtime.
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3 Things to Know About Baby Cereal

Many pediatricians agree that baby cereal is an ideal first food. Here’s what you should know about the mushy, soft, iron-fortified product.
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24 Healthy Foods For Picky Eaters

There's a 50-50 chance your kid is a picky eater, according to a recent Parents survey. We tapped a variety of experts—a taste researcher, a waiter, a school-menu planner, a flavor creator, and a preschool teacher—to brainstorm healthy, adventurous-sounding menu items. Rest assured you'll expand your picky eater's palate in a few weeks!
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How Much Does My Kid Need to Eat?

Use this age-by-age guide to find out the amount of food your child should be eating—and how to create healthy habits for a lifetime.
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