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Your child is growing up and on his way to becoming a preschooler. He's proving he has a mind of his own. Here you'll learn about toddler development, how to discipline a toddler, potty training, the terrible twos, and much more.

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How to Help Your Kids Adjust When They Go Back to Daycare and School After COVID-19

With stay-at-home orders lifting and daycares and schools around the U.S. beginning to reopen, here's how to ease your child's anxiety and help them transition back to a pre-pandemic schedule after being at home with you 24/7.
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9 Fun Science Activities for Preschoolers

It’s never too early to foster a love of science. Whether your preschooler is naturally curious or a reluctant learner, check out these nine fun science activities to do at home.
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Is It Safe to Send My Child Back to Daycare During COVID-19?

Daycares are reopening in states across the country and likely near you. But are they safe as COVID-19 cases still exist? Here’s what you need to know about the safety measures daycares are taking to protect your children.
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10 Ways to Boost Your Bilingual Child's Spanish Skills at Home

Engage little language learners with these bilingual movies, audiobooks, sing-alongs, and shows worth streaming, plus tips from real moms on how they're teaching their kids Spanish.
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30 Best-Ever Potty Training Tips

Trust us—we know these top tips work! We tapped the experts—everyone from readers to doctors—who spilled their secrets on getting your toddler potty trained in no time.
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I'm a Mom and a Pediatric Neuropsychologist: These Are My Go-To Learning Toys That Aid Child Development

成人小视频appWhen it comes to toys, I always say less is more. Here's all you need to foster language, creativity, problem-solving, and organizational skills through play.